Sunday, 9 July 2017

Right Tree – Right Place


The concept of planting the right tree in the right place is fundamentally important in ensuring that your newly planted trees add value to your property and lifestyle experience, not detract from it.
Species selection must be determined by the site’s context (e.g. exposure, soil type and availability of space) as well as your personal preferences and requirements.

Trees can take a long time to establish and mature, they are a long term investment; poor species selection will negate the benefits that your trees should provide, so invest wisely!
Tree Investment will ensure that the right trees are selected and planted in the right places, in the right way; allowing trees to thrive not just survive.

Over the coming months I will be recommending a range of resilient planting selections of trees and vigorous shrubs, that are well-suited to the rigors of a tough maritime climate.

Whether you require a sheltering hedge or an ornamental landscape feature for your property, please revisit this blog for some free, expert advice on tree planting in Cornwall or get in touch via our website